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Slate is a natural stone that has existing for millions of years, making slate extremely durable and almost indestructible. Slate roofing tiles may be found in red, black, purple, green, gray, and some mottled tiles that have a mix of color. There are many roofing styles, sizes, textures, patterns, and shapes available to choose from. Slate tiles are versatile and can be utilized throughout ones home for an abundant of different projects. For example, slate tiles can be installed as siding on a home, making your home stand out from the rest.

Slate Pros:

  • Natural durable stone, making it economically friendly.

  • Old slate roofs in good condition can still be salvaged and sold for a profit.

  • Slate roofs can last up to 100 years.

  • With expert installation and continual proper maintenance slates roofs may last up to 150 years.

  • Slate is naturally mold resistant, fire-resistant, and has a low water absorption capacity.

  • Slate roofs are able to withstand the wrath of mother nature. Due to the heavy nature of slate makes it harder is dislodge and blow off a roof during rain, wind, and hail storms.

  • Slate is customizable and decorative. A experienced slate roofer can transform a basic slate roof into a work of art.

  • Slate roofs increase the value of your home and can look attractive to a potential home buyer.

Slate Cons:

  • Because slate is a natural stone, color selections are limited to availability and can not be altered or custom made to the color of your choosing.

  • Slate is extremely heavy, a structure must be inspected prior to installation to confirm that its structurally sound and able to withstand the weight load of the slate roof.

  • Due to the difficulty of installation, and the weight of the material, slate roofs are one of the more costly roofs to have installed. However, the benefits of a slate roof makes the investment well worth it.

  • To properly maintain a slate roof Its recommended to have yearly inspections done by a professional slate roofer.

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