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Throughout our 19+ years in business, we have established an outstanding reputation for delivering quality customized work. 

Our single mission: as industrious roofing contractors, we are driven to achieve the best possible result for any job we take on, regardless of size, shape, and level of difficulty. We stay focused on our client's vision to achieve their desired outcome and overall satisfaction. Our commitment to our clients is among our top priorities, and we pledge to try everything within our power to exceed their expectations. In return, it is our hope to gain the trust and admiration of our clients while building an everlasting long-term client relationship. 

As we have learned, it's important to approach roofing and construction as a team. It's crucial to communicate and work with all the participants involved in the project such as; the clients, architects, designers, consultants, contractors, GC, and laborers. Teamwork and open communication allow us to provide customized services to fit each client's unique needs and desires. Working with manufacturer's representatives and suppliers allows us to provide our clients with quality material selections at reasonable rates.  

At TKO Construction & Roofing our installation procedure includes following manufacturer guidelines and specifications while staying within OSHA's set safety standards.   

Our Company

Thomas Szkutak

CEO & Contractor

Meet our CEO and lead professional contractor. Thomas offers 15+ years of advanced knowledge and skills into the roofing and construction trade. Clients appreciate Thomas's work ethic and attention to details.  He is known for not settling for anything less than perfection. Thomas does what it takes not only to satisfy but to "wow" clients. He aims to form lasting client relationships.

Heather Hollendonner

CFO & Office Manager

Meet TKO Construction & Roofing's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Executive Administrator. Heather is also the CEO of "ProReady Books", a remote based bookkeeping company. Heather assisted with the formation of the company and transformation to the business entity we are known as today. Heather has proven to be a valuable asset, strongly admired for her determination and willingness to evolve. 

Donald Szkutak

Senior Roofer

Despite Donalds early passing from us, he deserves a spot on our companies team. If it wasn't for his extensive roofing knowledge and exquisite workmanship, our company would not have the reputation it does today. Donald was with the company from the start, and assisted with the formation of Thomas Szkutak's pro-roofing status. 

The roofing industry lost true talent that day. 

Trusted Professionals

BBB Accredited 

Doing our Part

Green Business Bureau


Chamber of Commerce

TKO Construction & Roofing LLC  first started out as a Sole Proprietorship in 2007, owned and operated by Thomas & Donald Szkutak; DBA, T.K.O. Construction. Providing residential framing services (majority of our framing work can be found with in Granville, NY). When the recession hit framing jobs became scares. Roofing jobs increased from 15% to 85% within a year. With our high client satisfaction and referral rate, roofing became our new found business path.

We have completed work throughout most of New England, with the majority of our projects in New York State.

Our new business plan includes branching out into roofing metal fabrication business and integrated solar roofing. 


During the last 15+ years, we have proudly earned our recognized reputation with in the roofing and construction industry. Additionally gaining valuable working relationships with local suppliers and small business owners within our community and throughout our region. 


Owner and head contractor, Thomas Szkutak is OSHA certified in job-site safety.  


OSHA-approved safety checklists are utilized throughout each project and job to ensure the safety of our workers, clients, and the property that's been entrusted to us to work on. 


TKO Construction & Roofing LLC is a fully insured roofing and construction company for residential and small commercial dwellings. 


We are currently being marketed with Angela's Leads for our outstanding services.

Members of the chamber of commerce for Poultney, VT.

BBB Certified (A+ rating).


Previous members of NFIB, NSA (National Slate Association),


We stand behind our work providing a (comprehensive project warranty).


More recently we have decided to focus our efforts to assist with preserving the future of the earth. We are working on our "Green Certification" with "Green Business Bureau".

Stay tuned for our Green Certification updates and our mission to assist with becoming Carbon Neutral. 



Why us?

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